We will be delivering the products ourselves to the address you list, either your place of work or your home. Most deliveries will take place between 10am and 3pm, our free delivery method allows for a 24 hour window. If you would like your shoes delivered within the next 4 hours, we will make it happen, however you will incur an extra charge. We will not be delivering on Sunday’s and any shoes purchased on a Sunday will be delivered on a Monday.

All returns will be free of charge and we will liaise directly with you to find a solution that best suits your day. Simply send an email on info@ecco-shoes.com.mt and Christina will help you find a solution to return your shoes and either issue a direct transfer if you’d like a refund, or deliver a different pair / size. Kindly note that returns will only be accepted up to two weeks (14 days) post purchase.

Feel at ease when purchasing our products and know that if the size or style is not to your satisfaction you will get a full refund. Feel free to contact Christina on info@ecco-shoes.com.mt if you have any doubts / questions.

If you’re an ECCO client, then the answer is simple – the size you normally buy will be the right fit, bear in mind that the shape of the shoe also plays an important role. If you’re in doubt, send an email on info@ecco-shoes.com.mt and we’ll guide you on which is the right size for you. We also have a size chart which shows you how to measure the length of your foot and the corresponding size.

If you are a loyalty card holder kindly email Christina on info@ecco-shoes.com.mt and she will issue a unique code which is applicable online.

No, we have very strict pricing strategies and we do not discriminate between locations. The products in our shops and the ones online (mt.ecco.com) are all the same price.

No, all the products which are online are also in our shops. Think of the online store as another shop with the added benefit of being open all day, every day and just a click away.

Kindly email info@ecco-shoes.com.mt and Christina will get back to you as soon as possible.

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